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“What Camera Should I Get?”

Having the ability to create beautiful and meaningful artwork through photography is such a joy! I remember when I first started with aView full post »

Callie Beale’s Photography Kit of Awesomeness & Photo Magic Creator Things | FILM STUFF

Hello dear friends. I hope that you are having a wonderful day! This edition of my Photography Kit of Awesomeness & Photo MagicView full post »

Callie Beale’s Photography Kit of Awesomeness & Photo Magic Creator Things | DIGITAL STUFF

I am often asked what I shoot with… and I just now wised up enough to put it all in one place to reference easily. While youView full post »

Hey! Did ya know?

That I am an editor for the blog? At it’s basic level Showit is a website development company. They stand apart fromView full post »

Tips for New Photographers

Every photographer has been there. We don’t just pick up a camera and inherently know how to pose people and work cameraView full post »

Gearing up for Christmas

Christmas is a great time to invest in a new camera and lenses. The problem is, most people go into stores not really having much priorView full post »

Metering | For Photographers

When you choose a shooting mode for your camera… Manual, Aperture priority, Shutter priority, Program (Nikon abbreviations) you areView full post »

White Balance | For Photographers

It wasn’t until this past year at Zach and Jody Gray’s Incamera workshop that I finally cracked the mystery that is whiteView full post »

Fashion & Glamour with Ashley Fisher

During my trip to Santa Barbara I attended a class on fashion and glamour photography by Ashley Fisher ::View full post »

For Photographers | Troubleshooting Aperture Priority Mode

Question: “I tried shooting in Aperture Priority mode, but the shutter stayed open a long time and the picture didn’t come outView full post »

Understanding Exposure

Photography- it’s all about exposure. But what the heck IS exposure!? I am going to try and explain it to you inView full post »

Ten Tips for Beginner Photographers

If you are more of a visual person, I go over some of these tips in some video tutorials I made that can be found atView full post »